About Faculty Affiliates

Left to right: Rebecca Covarrubias (Associate Professor of Psychology), Fernando Leiva (Associate Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies), Marcia Ochoa (Associate Professor of Feminist Studies and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies)

A forum for investigation and exchange, the RCA brings together over 90 faculty at UC Santa Cruz in all divisions. Though our research is wide-ranging and hemispheric in scope, the RCA has six primary scholarly focus areas that draws from the expertise of our faculty affiliates. These include:
  • Chicano/Latino & Latin American Studies in the Arts, Literature, & Linguistics
  • Political Economy and Social Movement Studies 
  • Citizenship, Migration, Immigration, and Mobility Studies
  • Studies in Race, Ethnicity, Sexuality, and Representation
  • Climate Science, Environment, Ecology, & Nature Studies
  • Education & STEM Studies
Our faculty affiliates have programs of research in multiple areas and include research beyond the RCA's core foci noted above. Click here for a directory of our faculty affiliates and learn about their research which explores the incredible diversity of the Americas.