Mini-grant Recipients

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2018 – 2019

jacob_moe.jpgJacob Moe

Social Documentation

“Radio Saracura”

Saugher Nojan


“Afghan Refugees’ Racialization, Belonging and Political Subjectivities”

kruiz.jpgKarina Ruiz

Latin American and Latino Studies

“Powerful Children: Governance and the Mixed-Status Family”

Marina Segatti

Feminist Studies

“Mapping Narratives: Language, Sexuality and Citizenship in Queer Brazilian Immigrant Women's lives”

2017 – 2018

alina fernandez headshot Alina Ivette Fernandez

 Latin American and Latino Studies

 "Expanding Conceptualizations of Young Latina Political Engagement"


candy martinez headshot Candy Martinez

 Latin American and Latino Studies

 "Presenting Findings on Trauma and Healing as they relate to Oaxacan communities"


edher-80 Edher Zamudio

 Latin American and Latino Studies

 "Entre el Ayer y el Hoy (Between Yesterday and Today): Peruvian Narratives of Migration in The San Francisco Bay Area"


Melodie-michel-80 Melodie Michel


 "Guatemala's villancicos in the past and in the present"

View this short video to learn more about Melodie's research in Guatemala. 

Pwadhwa-80 Parul Wadhwa

 Digital Art and New Media

 "The Untold Settlement of the 1947 Partition: Freedom or Wounds of India"


2016 – 2017

laiduc headshot Giselle Laiduc


"Young, Gifted, and Black: A Mixed-Method Approach to Understand the Transition Experiences of African International Students"

martinez headshot Candy Martinez

 Latin American and Latino Studies

 "Rethinking Structural Inequalities and Illnesses in Indigenous Oaxacan Communities"

prieto headshot Juan Diego Prieto


 “Wielding Leviathan: How Society Uses (and Sometimes Transforms) the State in Colombia”

Michael Wilson Headshot Michael Wilson


 “Gold Mining in Peru: Everyday Violence and the Politics of Attention”


2015 – 2016

Lorraine Affourtit headshot
Lorraine Affourtit

Visual Studies

"The Art of Assembly:  Visualizing Collectivity in Oaxaca's Popular Uprising"

Chrissy Anderson-Zavala headshotChrissy Anderson-Zavala


"Youth as Trouble/d:  An Exploration of Violence, Representation, and Alterity"

Bristol Cave-Lacoste HeadshotBristol Cave-LaCoste


"Willful or Ruined Women:  Sexual Policing and the Cross-border Migration of Mexican Prostitutes, 1890-1924"

2014 – 2015

Steven Araujo HeadshotSteven Araujo


"Las cosas se ganan en la calle:  Neoliberal Forms of Inclusion and the Battle for Autogestión"

Eric Crosbie HeadshotEric Crosbie


"Transnational Tobacco Companies' Usage of Trade Agreements"

Elizabeth Gonzalez HeadshotElizabeth Gonzalez


"Emotional Reactions to Discrimination and Ethnic-Racial Identity of Indigenous Mexican Migrant Youth"

Gabrielle Greenlee HeadshotGabrielle Greenlee

History of Art and Visual Culture

"Tools for Research and Documentation:  Andean Spanish American Art"

2013 – 2014

MGarcia.HeadshotMartin Enrique Garcia


"Cognitive Estrangement and the Ethics of Reading in Drug War Literature"

MOHara.HeadshotClaudia Maria Lopez


"Strategies of Integration:  The Interface between the State and Internally Displaced Persons in Medellín, Colombia"

CRivas.HeadshotLogan Puck


"Private Security and the State in Mexico"