ELLIS, directed by JR, Tuesday, November 10, 2015, 4:00-5:30pm, Cervantes & Velasquez Room, Bay Tree Building

El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center and the CLRC invite you to a free, public screening of ELLIS, JR's new, fourteen-minute film about the immigrants who found themselves at the Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital. A discussion about immigration, past and present, will follow the screening.

September 13, 2015

By , Director, Chicano Latino Research Center  

For millions of immigrants entering the United States in the early twentieth century, Ellis Island was the gateway to a new life. Upon arrival, some travelers were approved, but many, due to illness or simply fatigue, were denied access and hospitalized.  Ellis, a fourteen-minute film directed by the photographer and street artist JR and written by Academy Award winner Eric Roth, tells the elusive story of countless immigrants whose pursuit of a new life led them to the now-shuttered Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital.  Shot on location at the hospital, the film features art installations by JR and stars Academy Award winner Robert De Niro as an immigrant in pursuit of a new life.  Combining a sense of place, history, and documentary images, Ellis nudges our collective memory, evoking the countless individuals throughout history and the contemporary moment who seek freedom from persecution and poverty, abandoning their homes and families for a chance at a better, if uncertain, future.

A discussion moderated by Catherine Ramírez, CLRC director and Associate Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies, will follow the film screening.

The Chicano Latino Research Center is honored to cosponsor this free, public event with El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center, with the support of Picture Motion.