Event Santa Cruz: Bridging the Gap between UCSC and Downtown

Come and experience UCSC faculty, including CLRC Director Catherine S. Ramírez, and former UCSC students telling stories about themselves, their work, and life in Santa Cruz on Wednesday, March 19, at 7:00pm at the Nickelodeon Theater (210 Lincoln Street).

January 24, 2014

Event Santa Cruz #6 features Chris Wilmers, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at UCSC, Steve Benz, CEO of Five3 Genomics, Catherine S. Ramírez, Associate Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies and Director of the Chicano Latino Research Center at UCSC, Robert Singleton, CMO and founder of Civinomics, Jeff Emery, owner of Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard, and Steve Whittaker, Professor of Psychology at UCSC.

Launched in September of 2013, Event Santa Cruz is a monthly forum that showcases thriving Santa Cruz businesses, arts, non-profits, and research.  For more information and to purchase tickets ($10/person), click here or visit Event Santa Cruz's FaceBook page

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