Common Core for Math: What's Changed for Students and What Do Parents Need to Know?

Judit Moschkovich, Professor of Mathematics Education at UCSC, leads a public forum in English and Spanish on the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics on Tuesday, June 3, 2014, 6:30-8:30pm, at the Live Oak Family Resource Center (1740 17th Ave, Santa Cruz).

June 01, 2014


Since 2010, 45 states have adopted the Common Core, the same standards for English and math for K-12 students.  California began implementing the Common Core State Standards in its public schools in 2013.  So what's changed for students since the standards went into effect and what do parents need to know about them?  In this free, public presentation, Judit Moschkovich shows how the Common Core State Standards present an opportunity to improve mathematics teaching and increase the number of college- and career-ready students.  She summarizes what the standards mean for students and parents, especially for English Learners.  Additionally, she draws attention to two important shifts for math teaching that the Common Core brings:  a balance between understanding and memorizing and an emphasis on communication.  She closes by pointing to free resources parents can use to learn more about the Common Core in order to support their children in learning mathematics.

JMoschkovich.HeadshotJudit Moschkovich, Professor of Mathematics Education in the Education Department at UC Santa Cruz, examines how adolescents learn algebra and how language impacts learning mathematics.  A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and former math instructor at San Francisco State University, she conducts research in secondary mathematics classrooms with large proportions of Latino/a students.  She was co-director of the National Science Foundation-funded Center for Mathematics Education of Latinos/as (CEMELA).  In addition to publishing articles and book chapters, she edited Language and Mathematics Education:  Multiple Perspectives and Directions for Research (2010).  She is a founding partner of Understanding Language, an initiative that supports English Language Learners in meeting the Common Core State Standards.  Currently, she serves on the initiative's steering committee and co-chairs its Mathematics Work Group.

This free, public event is sponsored by the Chicano Latino Research Center with support from the Live Oak Family Resource Center.

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