Isaí Ambrosio: Activist-in-Residence

isai-with-bannerIsaí Ambrosio is the Director of the Davenport Resource Service Center (DRSC), one of 6 programs offered by the Community Action Board of Santa Cruz County, Inc. A former farmworker, Isaí received his formal education along the Central Coast, starting at Cabrillo College and then moving on to California State University, Monterey Bay, and eventually earning a law degree from Monterey College of Law. As a local activist and community leader, he has sought to find ways to support migrants, families, and others in need. Over the past several years, he has volunteered at the Watsonville Law Center, the YMCA, Santa Cruz Community Coalition to Overcome Racism, Monarch Services, and his church. Isaí’s family lives in Watsonville. His wife Marisa is a first-grade teacher and their son Diego is in fifth grade.

As the Activist-in-Residence for the Research Center for the Americas, he will be consulting with the UC Santa Cruz community on a new project to strengthen the quality of relationships with families in North County, specifically conceptualizing a program that will support mothers. He plans to develop a monthly workshop series for mothers and outline a holistic service delivery model for DRSC that meets the needs of the entire family.

In his capacity as DRSC Director, he is charged with fostering community relations and engagement. By cultivating meaningful and thoughtful relationships with mothers, he hopes to better understand how the intersection of gender inequality, lack of legal status, and limited English proficiency are negatively affecting them. For his residency project, he hopes to envision culturally relevant and appropriate strategies that can benefit these mothers and, as a result, strengthen families.

A portion of the expenses associated with this new residency is being sponsored by the Social Action Committee of Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS). Thanks SWS for your support!




 "Isaí Ambrosio named UCSC's inaugural 'activist-in-residence'," by Jennifer McNulty, UCSC Newscenter, December 20, 2018.