Open Forum & Research Report Publications

Frijoles in the Making. Photo by Catherine S. Ramírez.

Faculty and graduate student affiliates of the Research Center for the Americas (formerly the CLRC) produce new knowledge and engage our world via their research. When published, our work adds to public debate, informs policy, and is used as a teaching tool at and beyond UC Santa Cruz.

In Fall 2018, the RCA started publishing a new series titled Open Forum, which are brief scholarly commentaries on focus areas of interest to the research center. In Winter 2019, the RCA officially re-launched our Research Reports series for educators and the broader public in a new and abbreviated format. UCSC faculty, lecturers, and graduate students interested in proposing a submission to Open Forum or Research Report, should review the publication requirements and email for more information.

The RCA maintains an archive of research reports and working papers dating back to 1993. 

Research Reports

Summer 2020

"Chile at the Threshold" by Human Rights Investigations Lab for the Americas, UC Santa Cruz students Yoselyne Cerros, Emma Chaidez, Monica Estrada Arias, Francesca Romeo, and Angie Valencia.

"Germán Aburto" by Monica Estrada Arias and research team Angie Valencia, Yoselyne Cerros, and Emma Chaidez and graduate student mentor Francesca Romeo.

"Human Rights Crisis in Chile: A Digital Inquiry" by Human Rights Investigations Lab for the Americas, UC Santa Cruz students Marian Avila Breach, Juan Castañon, Leo S. Fernandez, Kayla Gomez, Josue Perez-Hernandez, and Angie Valencia as well as the Human Rights Center at the University of California, Berkeley students Rachael Cornejo, Shakiba Mashayekhi, Gisela Perez de Acha, María Isabel Di Franco Quiñonez, Samantha Rubenstein, Danielle Cosmes, Lili Siri Spira,  Lily Lucero, Kellie Levine, and Eliza Hollingsworth.

Spring 2020

"Youth-led Civic Engagement and the Growing Electorate: Findings from the Central Valley Freedom Summer Participatory Action Research Project" by Veronica Terriquez, Associate Professor of Sociology, Randy Villegas student of Politics, and Roxanna Villalobos Ph.D. student of Sociology

Winter 2019

"Youth Participatory Budgeting in the Americas" by Jessica Taft, Associate Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies and Daniel Rodríguez Ramírez, graduate student of Psychology and designated emphasis in Latin American and Latino Studies.

Open Forum

Winter 2019

"Figuring out whether (and why and how and to whom) Institutions Matter" by Juan Diego Prieto, Ph.D. Candidate in Politics at UC Santa Cruz. 

"The Ebbs and Flows of a New Researcher in Oaxaca" by Candy Martínez, Ph.D. Candidate in Latin American & Latino Studies at UC Santa Cruz.

Fall 2018

"Chiapas, 2018: Aesthetics and Politics of Indigenous Autonomy" by T. J. Demos, Professor of History and Art and Visual Culture and Director of Center for Creative Ecologies.

"'If I Did Not Want To Come I Would Have Not Come': Finding Resistance in the Archives" by Bristol Cave-LaCoste, Ph.D. Candidate in History at UC Santa Cruz.