Research Clusters

East L.A., Home of the Big Buckets (Photo by Catherine S. Ramírez)

RCA Research Clusters are collaborative research projects involving UC Santa Cruz faculty and students working in Chicano, Latino, Latin American, migration and/or human rights studies. Research Clusters depend on and foster initiative, inquiry, and teamwork on the part of participants. Faculty or graduate students may coordinate a cluster and members choose the cluster's topic and organize activities, such as discussions, workshops, symposia, conferences, lectures, and film screenings.  At least one faculty member should be a member of the Academic Senate or at least one graduate student should be enrolled, in residence, and in good academic standing in the Social Sciences, Humanities, or Arts Divisions. UC Santa Cruz faculty and graduate students in good academic standing in the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts are eligible to apply as coordinators.  The cluster is expected to acknowledge the RCA's support at any public events and in any publications related to the sponsored research. Faculty coordinators are also required to submit an activity report at the end of the fiscal year. Please check back for 2018-19 submission dates.